Website Design & Development

A website is a business tool you use to tell the world about you. The world sees you through the website. The website speaks about your organization, products, services and what you are made of. It is usually yhe first entry to someone knowing about you.

The design (look and feel) of your website is key to your communication through the internet space. To attract an online presence, your website needs to communicate credibility, professionalism and quality. The presentation of who you are on the website is key.

That is what we do. That is our professionalism. Talk to us!

Some website features

At minimum, the website we design have the following features :

  • Original and fresh Content - content is king. That's what users are interested in.
  • User Friendly Naviagtion
  • Simple and Professional Design
  • Mobile friendly (responsive)- website should be viewed across both PC and mobile devices
  • Speeds - should be fast to load any page
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) - website should rank high in search engines (like google,yahoo,bing)
  • Browsers compatibility
  • Functionality - All the elements of your site should work seamlessly
  • Website should have a theme - keep your target audience in mind
  • Point of Contact or Feedback form - after all information, users should be able to contact you.
  • Tracking - analyis of how many visitors, when, most visited pages etc

Value Add Service on Websites

As part of value add services, all website we develop come with the following:

  • Free maintanance after deployment
  • Contant updates of technology used
  • Training on how to update website content