Human Resource (HR) Solutions

Online Job Application Portal

organizations keep advertising for jobs, internally and externally. Information regarding the open vacancy should be given to all interested in applying.

When applicants are made to apply through physical letters, there is no assurance of delivery and reception of the application documents. communicating the results also become a challenge.

When CVs are sent through the emails, different people have different formats of writing CVs. It becomes hard to for organizations to download CVs and then read them through for qualifications, then communicate the results through the same media.

We have come up with a solution, where a portal is used to advertise and apply for vacant positions. We have two types of portals:

  • A portal where an applicant submits the main details such as name, email phone etc and then submit an already prepared resume in word or pdf format.
  • A portal where an applicant builds CV online and only applies using the built CV. An applcant is presented with different modules to build basic profile, schools, experience, referees etc. Since the applicant accesses his/her profile through login, he/she can continue building CV with time. In this case, the applicant does not need to submit any prepared CV. Admins determine the standard format in which the CVs will be viewed.

Admins of the portal are able to :

  • create job categories or departments
  • manage vacancies to advertise
  • view applicants of a particular vacancy
  • view CV of an applicant
  • shortlist
  • communicate to applicants
  • print CVs
  • etc